Experience Design Conference

Amsterdam, Artis Zoo

20 & 21 June 2016

Banking services will evolve to offer personalised support, anticipating customers’ needs in increasingly accessible, engaging and social ways.

Beyond Mobile Banking

About XD Conf

XD Conf is a new ING conference that brings together everyone involved in designing, building and scaling great customer experiences. This is the place to share, learn and connect with ING colleagues, to make new friends and to start building that future of banking together.

We gathered a great international lineup of diverse ING speakers, from API designers and Ops wizards to community builders and UX innovators. Each of them will share, educate and provoke on the mix of design, technology and business. Register now and join us for two days in June in Amsterdam to grow your understanding of successful experience design and expand your personal field of expertise.


We will look at customer experiences, design and the software creation process from all angles possible. The multi-disciplinary topics cover fresh takes on Service Design, everyday Lean Startup, practical APIs & DevOps and remarkable Digital Experiences.

Dagmar van der Plas
Bartlomiej Skowronek
Ernst Naezer
Flavia Sequeira
Henk Kolk
Wouter Danes
Jeroen Smeets
Gary Stewart
Wout van der Weijden
Giuseppe Pasanisi
Kate Okrasinski
Bianca Valkenburg
Ron Kersic
Cam Incoll
Bob van Luijt
Carlo Canova
Arno Hensbergen
Wim Heemskerk
Judith Bastiaans
Meddie Versteeg


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Experience Design Conference

Amsterdam, Artis Zoo

20 & 21 June 2016


Just a short flight from many European cities, the Dutch capital city is overflowing with accommodation choices, events and exhibitions. If you're traveling from abroad, why not be a tourist for a couple of days?

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Artis Royal Zoo

The second most visited landmark in Amsterdam, Artis is the oldest zoo in the Netherlands and one of the oldest in Europe. Enjoy Summer Solstice among the diverse plants, animals and 19th century architecture.

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We are fully booked with 150 people attending

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