Service Blueprinting

Service Blueprinting is a structured method for approaching services that are cross-channel. Those that involve many touchpoints and are the result of a cross-functional effort. Often comprised of many different teams and stakeholders behind the scenes. It helps gaining a bird’s-eye view of how the different elements of the service align to create value for customers. This view helps you to take small and large decisions about actions you can take to make the service experience better for customers.

In its bare form, a service blueprint is an artifact. One that brings together the “Customer Journey”, “Front-stage Channels” and “Back-stage Capabilities”. One that is co-created with stakeholders from these areas. This mash-up helps unlock the “end-to-end” and “surface-to-core” of a service in a way that generates empathy and understanding across its stakeholders. New learning and observations can be fed to the service blueprint over the course of the service lifetime. This way, it can become the engine to generate ideas for service experience improvement.


Here are the references we used to present this view on Service Blueprinting.

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