Office for Experience Design

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Facilitating the dialogue between technology, design and business

Join our journey of understanding what it means to live and prosper in this new era of digital platform ecosystems, individuality and design.

Platform Ecosystems

Digital platform businesses are challenging traditional organizational structures and transforming economy, and business and society at large.

Ecosystems connect people so goods, services, and information are exchanged at unprecedented scale.

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Many teams have a need to make their Service Blueprints digital. Lush is an online tool for just that.

It supports loading your service blueprints and viewing them as beautiful, friendly HTML and maintaining them over a period of time.

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Practical Service Blueprints

Practical Service Blueprinting is a structured method for the design of services that are cross-channel and built by many different teams and stakeholders behind the scenes.

It helps gaining a bird’s-eye view of how the different elements of the service align to create value for customers.

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The age of design

The field of design helps illuminate the path towards offering meaningful conversations, memorable experiences and relevant changes in the lives of people.

Inquiry and the desire to understand and learn are key components of the design process. It adds a fluid dimension to the exploration of new opportunities and encourages non-linear thoughts when working on non-linear questions.

Speaking & Workshops

We are available for presentations and hands-on training.

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